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Vice-premier urges efforts to facilitate college graduate employment


BEIJING — Vice-Premier Sun Chunlan on May 17 called for measures to facilitate employment of college graduates.

Sun, also a member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, made the remarks while inspecting employment activities at China Agricultural University. The activities are part of a weeklong college graduate employment campaign organized by the Ministry of Education.

During the activities, Sun attended a job fair and had talks with employers and students.

Employers and universities ought to broaden job-seeking channels for graduates and provide them with more high-quality jobs, said Sun, adding that job-seeking activities should accurately connect employers and graduates.

Sun also emphasized the necessity to support graduate entrepreneurs and create a favorable environment for business startups through policy support and subsidies.

Meanwhile, college graduates should form the correct values about jobs, make practical plans for their work and lives, and lead meaningful lives by working hard and contributing to China's development, said Sun.

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